#craftingnotcoding: The Crafty Card Class [November 2014]

So, I finally made these cards and FINALLY writing out this blog. I've been super lazy these days, winter brings that out in me. This is unfortunately the last of these for the year! The December class got cancelled :( Feel so bad cause I forgot to sign up and they need three people, and only two signed up. Oh well! Waiting patiently for January!

So, still have a few Christmas cards to make? Here are some quick cards that you can put together in a blink and if you head over to Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames, they will help you get the supplies together, they are super friendly!!

 1. The "Asian" themed Card

Can you really fail with a combo of metallic paper and washi paper? NO! This can be used for the Chinese New Year that will be coming up soon too!

The symbol is the die cut on golden paper, the look completed with a strip of matching and some rhinestones on a black card base.

2. The "Elegant" Card

This card reminds me of a formal dress! Already have your Christmas card, well you can use this a thank you card after the holidays.

You really can't make a simpler card than this. Embossed metallic paper and a strip of ribbon on a black cardstock. That's it!

3. The "Feather" Card

How cute is the combination of printed and plain cardstock! 

The feathers are die cuts from plain, textured and metallic cardstock in colors matching the arrows on the printed scrapbook paper. Add a ribbon for a perfect finishing touch.

4. "Washi-ng" You a Merry Christmas

This card is so quick and easy to make you still have time to make a ton of them!

Just a couple of strips of coordinating washi tape and a "merry christmas" sticker. That's it :)

5. The "Gift Card" Card

Did you know that gift cards are the most popular gift? Here's a way to personalize it :)

The gift card envelope is a die cut using Christmas paper, and embellished using twine and matching die cuts. Easy Peasy!

And that's a wrap for this years Crafty Card Classes! Hope to be back with more creations from Coleen in 2015, till then I'll be hanging out at Ben Franklin for more crafting ideas to share with you :)

Happy Crafting!

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#footballsunday 14.0 : Seahawks "Pinspired" Cookie List

Seahawks vs Cardinals this week! Huge game as our fate depends on it! Apparently Cardinals have have not lost at home, well the Eagles didn't either till the Hawks came along :D

As I mentioned in my last post, I am still getting back into schedule and hence the "lazy post" today! Yes I am doing an actually "Pinspired" post! I really am not very creative and most of my ideas come from blogs, which I find on Pinterest!

So here are some awesome ideas for Seahawks cookies! And fingers crossed I'll be able to create some of them when the Hawks are back in the Superbowl!!

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Go Hawks!

Don't forget, caring is sharing!

#footballsunday 13.0 : Seahawks "Superbowl" Cookies

So...I was planning to take a week or so off for thanksgiving and finals, but then I went off to Phoenix for a off the hook holiday party, then came back sick and then it got worse. As a result I have been lying around and binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Then I got bored and thought that I need to get out of bed and get back into a schedule. Starting with the blog :) Welcome back!

For this post I decided to merge together Thursday Night Football, Throwback Thursday and my Seahawks posts to share these cookies that I made for the Superbowl game last year.

This was one complicated project, so much so that I didn't make anything else for pretty much the whole weekend, and it'll be a whiles till I attempt to make another set (maybe when the Seahawks are back in the running for the Superbowl again?)

I don't have that many good pictures, so not going to go into details, just sharing highlights and links.

- I used black (to create grey), blue, green and white food color.

- I got a Seahawks cookie cutter, and hand cut the jersey's cause I couldn't find a small sized cookie set.

- The Seahawks logo was made with help from this tutorial.

- I attempted double decker cookes with the 12's on a square cookie.

You can find my favorite shortbread cutout cookie recipe here and how to make and pipe with royal icing here.

Go Hawks!