X and Os {and a Book Review}

Not that kind of X and Os. Yeah, I know that the bloggersphere is all about Valentines with there red sprinkles and heart cookie cutters. But I'm all about the Seahawks getting themselves to the Superbowl. Now that is what deserves a celebration! So have you all started planning your Superbowl party? I sure have! Starting with this edible table center piece.

A while back (yes I suck at blogging on time) I was sent a copy of Smart Cookie: Transform Store-Bought Cookies Into Amazing Treats by Christi Johnstone the blogger behind Love from the Oven. She wrote this great book filled with ideas to customize and decorate store bought cookies with store bought supplies to match your party theme and add that personal touch. This book is perfect for busy people who don't have the time and also great for lazy people who hate to bake (he he, I just said that).

While flipping the book, I came across the classroom theme, and while looking at the blackboard, I thought why not recreate it in a football theme! And it just happened that I was reading this article and decided to go with it!

And I really liked the outcome; plain, simple and easy. And so what, not into football? Change it up! Use it to send someone a message, use it for a table setting for a different party theme. I think that possibilities are endless :)

In case you are planning a party and need to add to your menu the book has these cute football theme cookies that you can make and decorated in minutes and everything is store bought! Easy Peasy.

Instructions and a how to video can be found here. But this is not all that the book has to offer, I really liked this mini cookie cake idea. Perfect for a princess tea party!

And in my world, no one can go wrong with sprinkles.

As this is more of a decorating idea then a recipe, the instructions are super short.

Here's what you'll need:

- candy bar
- powdered sugar
- toothpick
- small brush
- design to recreate.

What to do:
1. Brush the candy bar to remove access crumbs.
2. Etch the design using a toothpick and continuously brush the crumbs off.
3. Cover the bar with powdered sugar and rub in with your fingers.
4. Brush off access sugar. Wipe with a moist paper towel if too much is left behind.


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