In My Opinion : Gel Manicures at home

If you know me or follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I have an obsession with nail polish. But I can never manage to make my manicures last, nor do I have the patience to sit at a salon and get my nails down on a regular basis, just to mess it up on the way out! Plus I rather spend all that extra $$ on crafting goodies :D

But I am always on the lookout for deals, coupons and new brands that claim to last for more than 7 days. As a result of my using/posting on social media about different brands, my friend asked me how the drug store brands are in comparison to salon gel manicures. Me being a blogger thought that this would be a perfect blog post!

So once it comes to gel manicures at home there are two types, one needs UV light to dry while the other does not. There are different brand that have their separate line with a UV light, SephoraSally Hansen and numerous other brands that can be found on Amazon (a friend of mine mentioned that she uses, Royal).

In the UV light required group, I only tried Red Carpet Manicures. I bought the starter kit from Ulta. My decision was based on price/product/recommendation. I have only used the Red Carpet Polishes, but a friend said that she has used other brands with the same light, without any problems.

PROS : Lasts up to two weeks. Easy to apply. Dries immediately with the light and no worry of smudging.
CONS : Exposure to light is bad for skin. Time consuming as it take a while to go through all the steps. Removal is also time consuming, especially if you don't want to cause even more damage to your nails.
My Opinion : This is almost as good as the salon, but much cheaper. As you get the hang of it, your manicure will look better and last longer. I really love it, but don't use it all the time as it really damages your nails. I have started saving it for special occasions!

Where to buy : UltaTargetAmazon and Fred Meyer

Next up are three brands of "no UV light" required polishes that I tried.
1. Nails INC
During the holiday season I found a 6 pack of Nails INC at Sephora for $29, and I jumped on the deal! Wasn't the best buy, explain that in a bit. This gel polish requires both a separate top and base coat, I used by go to OPI Base Coat and my new favorite top coat from Nails INC.

PROS : none (I'm being honest, okay)
CONS : chip WAY too quickly, even with the glitter and we all know that glitter polish lasts forever!
My Opinion : Don't waste your money getting it! I just use mine when I need that exact shade for a single night.

2. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
I was introduced to this brand through a fellow blogger, Pardon Muah and I glad that I tried it! This collection has really great colors plus no base coat need!

PROS : time saving as there are only two steps, last more than 7 days, cheap as its a drug store brand
CONS : none, really!
My Opinion : It take just as much time as regular polish to dry, but lasts much longer! Try it!

3. Revlon Gel Envy
This is my favorite! It also has a great color collection at a really good price. Just like that Sally Hansen it doesn't need a base coat!

PROS : (really) quick drying, time saving as there is no base coat, cheap so you can get tons of colors! Lasted almost 2 weeks for me (that;s saying something as I chipped a shellac mani hours into getting it. yes a shellac!)
CONS : I can't think of any as I love it!
My Opinion : try it! NOW :) (I'm off to change my nail color with a new shade that my friend just got me for my birthday :) )

Thanks a wrap my opinion of gel nail polishes, if you agree/disagree or have something to say after trying, leave me a comment below :)


Don't forget, caring is sharing!
For the sake of the blog police, all opinions are my own and no one paid me to write this post. I was not compensated by any of the companies. All pictures used in this post were taken from Google search.

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