Meal Time: Veggie-Pesto Pizza

Yep, that's the only picture. I forgot to take prep pictures cause I was chatting with my husband and then I forgot to take after pictures cause it smelt so good! But it was so good and so easy to make I had to share it with you. It literally took 30 mins from start (chopping the vegetables) to putting it on the table (including cleanup!). Short on time, but want to serve up a warm, fresh homemade meal? Then this is the perfect recipe for you!

Veggie-Pesto Pizza

1 can pizza dough
6 oz jar of artichokes, drained
2 Roma tomatoes, thinly sliced
4 oz mushooms, sliced
1/4 medium bell pepper, sliced
1 cup (chopped) spinach
1 Anaheim chili, sliced
1/4 cup pesto sauce
1 cup (grated) mozzarella cheese

extra tools:
9 x 13 baking sheet
cooking spray

1. Preheat oven to 425*F.
2. Grease the baking sheet using cooking spray and spread the pizza dough on the baking sheet.
3. Using the back of a spoon, spread the pesto sauce all over the dough.
4. Layer the vegetables on to the dough.
5. Finally add the cheese on top.
6. Bake on the second last rack for 9 mins, then move to the middle for about 3-5 mins (depending on your oven).

Note: Baking temperature depends on the brand of pizza dough being used and both the baking time and temperature depend on the oven.



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