#craftingnotcoding: The Graduation Cap Card

Dead week just ended for those of us in school, a rush to get those papers submitted and HW completed, so excuse me for being a little late to post  this blog. Today I’m going to show you how to make a graduation card to go along with the banner from a few weeks ago. The graduation cap is a die cut from Ben Franklin and I learnt to make the tassel at their crafty card class. If you are a local and have a love for making cards, you should make time to take this class.

I used a blue and white color theme, but you can easily change it out to match a school of your choice.
What you need:

1.       Graduation cap die cut
2.       Embroidery floss in two colors
3.       Blank card and piece of card stock to match the embroidery floss
4.       A piece of chipboard (a x b inch) to use as a template
5.       Silver gel pen
6.       Marker matching one of the floss colors
7.       Large rhinestone
8.       Small pair of scissors
9.       Paper trimmer (not pictured)
10.   Ruler
11.   Double sided tape
12.   (fray check)
13.   1/8th inch double sided tape
14.   3D foam dots
What to do:

1. Trim down the card stock to be a little bit smaller than the card, so that the card color shows as a border.

2. Attach the card stock to the card using double sided tape.

3.       Wrap one color of the embroidery floss around the longer side of the template, min 15 times but not more than 20 times.

4.       Cut about 2 feet of the second color and fold 4 times. Take the wrapped floss of the template and fold it in half.

5. Tied the second color around. Knot it twice.

6. Cut another strand in the second color, about a foot. Tie it around ¼ inch away from the knot in step (5).

7. Wrap it around about 5 times and seal with fray check. Let it dry for a few minutes to set.

8. Cut the loops at the end of the tassel.

9. To add a bit of dimension, highlight the edges of the graduation cap using the silver gel pen

10. Run a piece of the 1/8th inch double-sided tape from the edge of the cap (the side where the tassel is cut out) to the center.

11. Attach the tassel and cut off the extra string. Add a rhinestone for some extra bling.

12. Connect the cap to the card using 3D foam pieces, write in “congratulations” and your card is ready!

Happy Crafting!

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