#footballsunday 13.0 : Seahawks "Superbowl" Cookies

So...I was planning to take a week or so off for thanksgiving and finals, but then I went off to Phoenix for a off the hook holiday party, then came back sick and then it got worse. As a result I have been lying around and binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Then I got bored and thought that I need to get out of bed and get back into a schedule. Starting with the blog :) Welcome back!

For this post I decided to merge together Thursday Night Football, Throwback Thursday and my Seahawks posts to share these cookies that I made for the Superbowl game last year.

This was one complicated project, so much so that I didn't make anything else for pretty much the whole weekend, and it'll be a whiles till I attempt to make another set (maybe when the Seahawks are back in the running for the Superbowl again?)

I don't have that many good pictures, so not going to go into details, just sharing highlights and links.

- I used black (to create grey), blue, green and white food color.

- I got a Seahawks cookie cutter, and hand cut the jersey's cause I couldn't find a small sized cookie set.

- The Seahawks logo was made with help from this tutorial.

- I attempted double decker cookes with the 12's on a square cookie.

You can find my favorite shortbread cutout cookie recipe here and how to make and pipe with royal icing here.

Go Hawks!

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