Healthy Eating : The "no cut" Salad

The past week was hectic, I had a ton of homework, so much that I didn't even get to enjoy the good weather. Hopefully the Mother Nature stays in a good mood over the long weekend. After spending half of my weekend coding without much success, I still have to burn some midnight oil to get it out of the way before the long weekend (yes, all roads lead to the long weekend!).

In an attempt not to spend any unnecessary time in front of the computer, I am going to be sharing a super quick and easy recipe with you today, its so easy that you don't even need to use a knife! (hence the name)

I had this salad at the Orlando Airport in Florida on the way back from my Harry Potter vacation. Once home, I had to replicate it, and its been a favorite every time I have served it so far.

This salad pairs well with pizza and pasta. With summer coming up, its also a perfect side to take along to all those BBQs and picnics coming up! Hope you get to give it a try soon!

"No Cut" Salad

Mixed Salad Greens
cherry tomatoes
kalamata olives, strained
canned mandarins, strained
feta cheese, crumbled
Dressing of choice
1. Cover the bottom of a wide serving dish with the salad greens.
2. Layer the remaining ingredients on the greens, ending with the feta cheese.
3. Drizzle with a dressing of choice.



  1. Thanks Farhana... for this post...this the reciepe i was lukin for...:-)

  2. Love the idea! Need to try it for sure (minus the feta) :)

    1. I've made it with out feta and I think it tastes just as good :)


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