#craftingnotcoding: The Crafty Card Class [July 2014]

Yes I'm still playing catch up, but better late then never, right? Unfortunately because of work I was not able to go to the July crafty card club at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames, but Rachel was really awesome to let me take pictures of her card creations so that I would be able to share with all of you!

What an assortment of cards she made! So hard to choose a favorite!

1. The "Washington" Card
How cute is this card! And so simple :) 

2. The "Ruffles" Card
I love the ombre effect she did on this one! And how cute is adding the border to a stamped sentiment!

3. The "Sun Burst" Card 
This card makes me smile. I love the sun burst effect along with the papers!

4. The "Circle" Card
This one reminds me of a card from the first class I ever took of Rachel's, except this time instead of layering, she added dimension with pop dots.

5. The "Window" Card
This card is not as complicated as it seems from the picture. The best part is that the message is held on inside the using photo corner, so you can "hide" a gift card in there (Rachel thinks that someone might miss their gift if they don't look hard enough, what do you think?)

That's a wrap for July's class, hopefully these were an inspiration to you. I'll be back in a few days with her last crafty card club meeting at Ben Franklin :( so sad to see her go.

(please check out other card ideas on the blog and stay tuned for tutorials for these cards!)

Happy Crafting!

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