#craftingnotcoding: The Crafty Card Class [August 2014]

As I mentioned at the end of July's wrap up August was Rachel's last craft card club at Ben Franklin crafts and frames. I'm going to miss talking to her and getting crafting ideas when I'm at the store.

Just like July, I didn't get to go to the class because of work, but I got to go in the evening and take pictures to share with all of you!

Here's what she came up with this month...

1. The "bling-y" Card
So simple and so easy! Just card stock and rhinestones!

2. The "Circles" Card
Little more complicated, but that just makes it cuter! I can't wait to try it for myself!

3. The "Reindeer" Card
Never to early to start getting those Christmas cards made. I just love the ribbon!

4. The "Vintage" Card
If you thought last month's card with the photo corners was cute, this is even better cause you get to make the corners yourself! (Any notice the use of the doilie??)

5. The "Sprinkles" Card
I named it this cause the paper reminds me of sprinkles! You can easily change the sentiment to match your occasion.

That's a wrap for August's class, I hope that you are inspired by these! Now that I have caught up, we all have to wait for September's class. Rachel spoke very highly of Coleen, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

(please check out other card ideas on the blog and stay tuned for tutorials for these cards!)

Happy Crafting!

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