Throwback Thursday 5.0 : Spring Cupcakes

Its almost officially spring! But here in the PNW it has been feeling like spring for weeks now! I'm so glad that I didn't buy a new coat and boots this winter, cause I wouldn't have had a chance to wear them at all. But the downside was that I didn't get a chance to go snowboarding even once :(.

I am one week away from spring break!! And just like all my spring breaks thus far, this one is going to be great! I'm so excited that I am having the hardest time concentrating!! In the spirit of spring, today I am going to share some spring theme cakes and cupcakes.

The regular and mini cupcakes are regular vanilla and chocolate cupcakes piped with cream cheese icing tinted with pastel colors. I did not know about the gel food colors back then, I just the pastel set from the local grocery store.

The cake was a carrot cake, with the same cream cheese frosting tinted in only pink. I piped A LOT of rosettes using an open star. For the cupcakes I just went made a bunch of twirls and swirls with a round tip.

I didn't have a huge collection of icing tips, so all the tips are from a decorating set that I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

These are really simple, so give them a try and impress your guests at the next spring get together!

Don't forget, caring is sharing!

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