The Stenciled Eid Cookies

Sometimes the precise baking recipes yield perfect results, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes ideas as perfect as are in your head, they just don't work out practically. That's what happened to me over the past week as I was playing around with a cookie cutter set that Deenna of Salaam Design was so generous and sent me a LONG time ago!

Maybe it was the heat wave, maybe it was my low patience for baking that I have during Ramadan, but none of my "fancy" ideas worked out! But fortunately third time is a charm!! Cause once I stuck to my go-to cookie recipe and my new found love for stencils, I FINALLY got presentable, shareable and postable (yes, I just made that word up) results!

So, took a few pictures and finally getting to writing out this post! Before getting to the how too, I thought that I would point out that the cookie cutters are on sale and Salaam Design uses priority shipping so you can hint to your loved one about your Eid gift :D

Back to the cookies, as I mentioned a few lines ago, I used my go-to cookie recipe and along with it my easy peasy royal icing recipe tinted with Americolor Super Red. I recently did a post on cookie stenciling, so just going to direct you there for the how to's, so point in reinventing the wheel, right? The link to that post can be found here.

Lastly, the stencils that I used are from Once Upon an Eid and The Cookie Countess. I have another post in the works using the Eid Stencils, hopefully I will get a chance to share them ASAP!

Have you started your Eid baking? This is my first batch of cookies, and I know that I have to make a ton more Friday! Please leave me a comment with a link to your Eid baking ideas!

More Eid baking and crafting ideas can be found here.


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