#footballsunday 2.1 : Seahawks Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Say what! Back within a few days! Now that never really happens. I am probably the most inconsistent blogger out there these days, no matter how hard I try I can never manage to stick to a schedule, mostly cause I am lazy. But for now I will play the preggo card and blame it on the pains and aches of pregnancy! Back to the post, yes its not Football Sunday, but it is a Sunday and I thought why not share some of the pictures that I have been hoarding before I go an spend some time in the craft room. Its been a week since sudden leg cramp have kept me from driving, so trying to make the most of my "me time" at home!

So I know that some people go all out with gender reveal parties, but my husband and I wanted to keep it simple, he wanted it to simple that the ultrasound technician telling us was good enough for him, I on the other hand wanted to do something a little fancy with family, as they were coming into town for the weekend. Plus how could I give up on a chance to bake and decorate!

My sister in law thought that the baby was a boy because of the green and blue, clearly she hasn't come to realize how obsessed I am with Seahawks! She know now with all the Seahawks themed things that were done for the baby!

Back to the cupcakes! As I used a Seahawks theme, you can use them at an upcoming game party or Seahawks themed birthday too! If you choose to use them for a gender reveal, then you'll need to go to the extra step of baking the inner color (blue or pink) separately and instead of a dozen cupcakes, you'll end up with 8-9 finished cupcakes.

I just tinted my cream cheese frosting green, but you can also top with green sprinkles or green tinted coconut. By the way, the toppers can be found online (Amazon or Ebay) but I forgot to order them on time, and ended up getting them from Trophy cupcakes.

Seahawks Gender Reveal Cupcakes

What you need:
One batch vanilla cake batter
One batch of your favorite frosting (I used cream cheese frosting)
green and pink/blue food color
cupcake toppers
piping bag and star nozzle
8 x 8 baking dish
cupcake pan plus liners

What to do:
1. Once you have the cake batter ready, tint 1/4 of it to pink or blue. Bake in the 8 x 8 dish until a toothpick comes out clean.
2. Stick the baking dish into the freezer as soon as it is done, in the meanwhile liner the cupcake tray and fill each one 1/4 way. ( you should only fill 8-9 cups as you have used some of the batter already)
3. Take the pink/blue baked cake out of the freezer, cut it up into small cubes and add one cube to each filled cup and top with remaining batter, You will still be able to see some of the baked cake, but the plain batter will bake around it and cover it up. If not there is always the frosting!
4. Once the cupcakes are baked, cool them completely, pipe them with the green frosting and add the toppers!

Go Hawks!

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