Hello 2017

Wait! What? It'd already the 4th? Only 4 days in and this year is already running away from me.

Let's start playing catch up then! Happy New Year! I hope that your 2016 was a awesome as mine!! I know that no year is perfect, 2016 had lots of hatred, lots of sadness and for me personally, it was a year of learning. I learnt more in the last 12 months, then I have probably learnt in my entire life. I am not going to bore you with the details, but I will share some of my goals (I'm really not a resolution person) for 2017. Maybe this way I will hold my self accountable and be more motivated to actually get things DONE!

Let's start with the main goal this year, something that I put off till 2017:
1. Find a Job : as you might know I was working till last January and it didn't work out with maternity leave and commuting. So I have official started the search, let's see how it goes.

2. Blog more often : This is always a goal, and some months are better than others, but I think if I actually plan it out, I get it done! So hopefully you'll here from me more often!

3. Create more : this probably should go before blogging as the more I create, the more I can blog.

4. Travel more : Hoping that I get the job and can travel even more, but for now vacations from January to March are in the works :D

5. Scrapbook more : I have so many pictures and memories, printed and digital that need to be put into albums. Slowly working on them, unfortunately not fast enough! Esp with little Aleena's pictures.

6. Get Fit : not necessarily lose weight, that's not my goal, the goal is to actually get fit so that I can go snowboarding and hiking and I don't always feel tired.

7. Read a book a month : I've been successfully doing this for about 2 years now and loving it, so here's to another year of reading!

8. Give more : About a few weeks ago I decided that I should DO more, just in general. And hence started trying to volunteer more and give more (not just in donations, but in time.) After a successful card and toy drive, I am motivated to do more.

9. Collect Memories not Things : (yes I tend to buy way to many crafting supplies, I should probably use more that I buy this year.) But I want to start living in the moment and enjoying the little things, especially with Aleena growing up so fast.

Okay, time to skip over the little ones and fast forward to the main "goal" of the year.

10. Be Happy : Yes, as easy as it might seem to do, we tend to dwell on the little things and let their negativity pull us down. If someone or something is not adding value to your life, let them/it go. Your better off without them, and your time and energy is better spent else where.Out with the bad, in with the good!

I really hope that the long post didn't bore you. Took me a while to write the post as it's almost never that I really open up on the blog.

Here's to a Happy, Cheerful and Productive New Year!

 Happy New Year!

PS. The cake and cookie decorating ideas were found on Pinterest and made for a New Years Eve party that I went too.
Cookie recipe can be found here, Cookie icing recipe here, Cake recipe here and lastly Cake frosting recipe here.

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  1. Awww such a sweet post! I have ignored the new year and all the jazz that comes with it this time. But here is hoping you realize all those goals listed and be happy in every single milestones! Came through MFB.. .you should share more! :-)


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