(very late) Spring Cookies

Welcome back to my blog! Oh my how long has it been :( But let's not dwell on that, we all know that I can never manage to blog on a schedule or blog regularly! So no promises or chit chat, just going to share my cookies and come back when I have time to share something else.

I made this cookies a LONG time ago for a friend, and thought that I would share them for Spring, but a month into spring I am still trying to get into a schedule with everything that is happening around me.

My baby turned one! Yes ONE!! (birthday party details will be on the blog soon, hopefully). So A and I have been going out a lot more now that she actually understands more of the world around her and the weather is getting better! AND I have started looking for a job, which is like a full time job!

Back to the cookies, I think it'll be a while till I do a set with so many colors! TIP: if you are using multiple colors, make a list with a note of what consistencies that you need, so that you are not mixing colors through out the whole decorating process.

After decorating a few set of cookies, I have also started sketching out my designs so that I know which colors I'll use for flooding and how long I'll need in between for drying. Practice makes perfect and I'm so grateful for all the cookies that I get to make for my friends and family to get all the practice!

Once you have your colors set and ready, decorating is the fun part! For these cookies, I used Mini Squeeze Bottles to flood the cookies and frosting bags to add the details with multiple round and star frosting tips (if you want you know the exact ones, please leave me a comment and I'll go and check the numbers of the ones I used).

Thanks for stopping by and hope that you are enjoying spring! I sure a with my little one :) And hopefully I will be back soon with more posts!


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