Decorating Idea: The Jack-o-lantern Bundt Cake

Recently I have been trying to use my camera to take better pictures to share here on the blog. But I have a folder full of pictures that I still want to share! That along with the fact that I can never have post on a timely manner with holidays and celebrations, I decided that I was going to post this decorating idea even though the pictures aren't the prettiest.

This is actually a really simple idea, and there is still time to make it for your Halloween party. I'd probably make it again, if I were to host a Halloween party, but I'm not that big on Halloween.

The "pumpkin" part is a bundt cake and I took just enough batter to bake one cupcake to make the stem. You don't have to bake the cupcake on its own, save time by baking it next to the bundt pan, in a stand alone baking cup.

Go ahead and use some store bought frosting and cake mix to speed up the process!

Jack-o-Latern Bundt Cake

What you'll need
1 bundt cake and 1 cup cake (you can find a vanilla recipe here and chocolate recipe here)
your favorite vanilla frosting
orange, brown and green food color
Wilton Black Gel Frosting
Wilton No. 233 icing tip
icing bag

What to do:
1. Once the bundt cake is cool, tint 3/4 of the frosting with orange food color. Cover the whole bundt cake with frosting.
2. Turn the cupcake upside down and stick it in the middle of the bundt pan to cover the hole. Cover it with some frosting tinted brown.
3. Tint the remaining frosting green, fill a icing bag fitted with a #233. Create grass on the bottom edge of the cake.
4. Add eyes and a mouth using the black gel.


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