#footballsunday 6.0 : Seahawks Football Banner

What! Football post and its not even Sunday? Let's just say that I have a special post planned for tomorrow, something that has to be posted on Sunday, this Sunday. So I thought that I would share my dose of football early this week.

I was down in Portland in September and made my way to craft warehouse, its part of my Portland trip ritual. And as always came out with a bunch of random stuff, including a stack of fall and football themed 12 x 12 sheets for 10c each! Yes, the doubled sided ones!

I used the fall ones in this paper star post a few weeks ago and remembered I had this sheet of paper and thought, wouldn't it look cute if I cut it up and made a banner!

Enough chit chat, here's what you need

- football themed paper
- ribbon (I used blue and green cause of the Seahawks)
- tape
- scissors or paper trimmer
- circle hole punch

What to to:
1. Cut the paper up.
2. Punch holes.
3. Thread the ribbon.
4. Hang it up and watch the game!
5. The footballs on the edges are cut using die #15 from Ben Franklin Craft and Frames.

Locally, Ben Franklin Craft and Frames has a fun collection of football and Seahawk themed papers and craft supplies.

Go Hawks!

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