Chevron and Polka Dot Birthday Banner

It is Friday yet? Well we all know that I am the queen of procrastinating, so obviously I am not studying for my midterm tomorrow and instead over here on the blog. Kidding! I am probably still in my PJ's jumping from slide to slide right now, but I didn't want you to miss me, so i wrote up this super short post and scheduled it :)

FYI : I am about 6 weeks away from summer break!! I am so looking forward to some down time with my family, friends and lots of time in the kitchen and craft-room (by craft-room I mean moving all my craft stuff to the front of the TV).

I made this banner for a friend's husband a while ago (I never blog on time!), she really liked my Eid Banner and wanted me to recreate it using a combination of chevron and polka dot paper. I think it turned out cute, except that the silver glitter paper doesn't photograph well.

Here's what you need :

- chevron paper
- polka dot paper
- glitter paper
- matching ribbon
- adhesive of choice (I like using tacky glue for the letters and double sided tape for the rest of it)

How much paper do you need? What dies? Head over to my Eid Banner post and find out :)

 Happy Crafting!

Don't forget, caring is sharing!

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  1. Two of my favorite patterns! I love the glittery letters :)


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