Throwback Thursday 6.0 : Basketball Cupcakes, Baseball Cookies and Football Cakepops

Schedules are not my strong suite right now. Even without procrastinating I don't have enough hours in a day to get things done. I'm currently working on my capstone project, a paper presentation and a programming assignment, and there is a book report that I should be doing, but haven't even gotten past the first page. Oh yeah, seeing as I am graduating, I am supposed to be looking for a job too. Yes, this is what life looks like 8 weeks before graduation.

Enough complaining, let's throw it back now. Way back to when I didn't have a job or go to school and spent most of the time in my kitchen experimenting. These goodies were made for my brother in law's 16th birthday. Both baking goodies and making cards for boys is my weakness. I am all about butterflies and flowers.

So after I could not come up with a very creative idea, I decided to go with a sports theme. And then I went a tab bit over bored with the goodies.

The cupcakes are decorated with orange frosting piped with black frosting. I went with store bought black frosting as my homemade attempts resulted in either grey or a dirty purple color.

The cake pop were made with the extra cupcakes crumbled with leftover frosting, coated with chocolate candy melts and piped with white candy melts.

Lastly the cookies are circle shortbread cookies, topped with white royal icing and piped with some icing tinted with red gel icing.

Hope these inspire you to make your own goodies! And hopefully I will have time to recreate them and take better pictures this summer!

Don't forget, caring is sharing!

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