Pokemon Cookies

I need say I was going to blog more frequently, so this is me trying. Also seeing as this started as a baking blog, I thought why not start the year with a few cookies. Making cookies makes me happy, sharing cookies make me happy. After making these cookies, I got upset, but as this is the year of "Happy" I'm not going to share that story. So, what ended up happening to these cookies? They went to my brother in law who is a HUGE Pokemon fan and actually plays the game. TBH I have no clue as to what goes on in the game, I just used google/Pinterest to get an idea about Pokemon parties.

I believe that every experience is a learning lesson, and I finally learnt how to make red and black royal icing! I won't be making it all the time, as the amount of food color makes icing a tad bit bitter, but sometimes its all for the looks!

These are very easy cookies to make once you get the icing in the right colors. Start with baking your favorite cookie recipe using a circle cutter (don't have one? use a glass or mug.).

Once the cookies are cooled and you have you frosting ready cover half the cookie with white frosting and the other half with red. Set the cookies aside to let the frosting dry for a bit, then with a fine tip nozzle cover the middle of the cookie with a few lines of the black frosting and a small circle in the center. I added a drop of white immediately in the center of the black, but you could wait it out if you want to add some dimension.

Lastly, let the cookies dry uncovered for at least 6 hours. Then store in an air tight container for about a week! Hopefully they won't last that long!

Recipes and tips for baking the cookies and making the frosting can be found here and here. For the black frosting I used wilton black gel color. The trick I learnt from a fellow cookie maker is to add the food color and let it stand for some time. And for the red food color I used a combination of Americolor Super Red and Americolor Red Red.

Happy Baking!

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