The "Eid" Fondant Cupcake Toppers

A super late Ramadan Mubarak to all of you. You would think with all the free time that I have, I would be able to blog more regularly. Seems not! With my parents in town and awesome weather, I've been having a hard time getting into the kitchen and sitting down at my craft table, but once I got With a Spin's cookie cutters, I couldn't wait to get to the kitchen quick enough! (I would run to my craft table, but that is a huge mess, so craft projects have to wait :) )

Lail designed the cutest cookie cutters and was kind enough to send me a set to play with! I am so glad that I came across her blog and also got to met her too! 

Ramadan is my favorite time of the year, all the family time, sitting down for meals together, shopping and crafting for Eid and most of all making all kinds of themed goodies! Stay tuned as cookies are coming your way, but in the meanwhile enjoy these fondant cupcake toppers. 

I was not a fan of fondant, but after I started playing with it a while back, I came to like it. There is quite a bit of fun stuff that you can do with it. Remember the "12" cupcake toppers, whose excited about Football season coming up, but till then I have Eid goodies to keep me busy :)

The best part of fondant toppers is that you can make them way ahead of time and if you get busy, then you can just add them to store bought cupcakes at the last minute!

Did you see the mistake I made with the "Mubarak". I only noticed while I was taking the pictures, and didn't want to go back and start again. Plus its okay if everything is not perfect!

FYI : With a Spin is offering free shipping till 4th July in the USA.

Eid Fondant Cupcake

white fondant
fondant roller with 1/8th inch markers
With a Spin's star and crescent cookie cutter
red food marker
message cookie cutter
wax paper


  1.  Roll out the fondant to 1/8th inch thick and cut it out using the star and crescent cutters.
  2. Spell out "Eid" and stamp the star cutouts and "Mubarak" on the crescent, just make sure to stamp it the right way! 
  3. Let the cutouts air dry on wax paper for a couple of hours, then highlight the text with a food marker.
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  1. Thank you so much Farhana for using the With A Spin cookie cutter set. Love the cupcake toppers. Cutest thing ever. I hope you are having a blessed Ramadan.


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