Foodie Friday: Pike Place Bakery

I love the PNW for many a reasons. One of them is being able to live so close to a big city and enjoy all that it offers! By offers I mean all the yummy food of course!

A friend, Mina and I are going to be exploring bakeries and snack places around Seattle and sharing what we think with you!

First stop, Pike Place Bakery. Located right at the main entrance across from the "fish throwing" fish store (I can't wait for my classes to end at normal time so that I can shop there!). This bakery had way too many options, all of which were too big for a single serving!

Their donuts are literally the size of my face!

After a lot of staring and pointing we decided to get a custard cup and split it.

What we thought? To big (Thank God we shared it) and Too sweet. But we will go back and do recommend that you go. Just share!

Please leave a comment if there is a place that you would like us to try :)

Happy Exploring!

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