#footballsunday 12.0 : Seahawks "Away" Manicure

I was looking through my nail polishes (I have a huge collection, totally obsessed!) And the grey and silver ones caught my eye and I thought why not do a manicure matching the Seahawks away kit.

With the Sounders and Seahawks playing this is going to be a short post. I already have two screens to watch, not adding a third screen :) In other news my Seahawks post match the NFL week count, finally caught up :)

Here's the colours I used to create this look:

All of the colors are discontinued at the stores. But all you need is a tip painter in white, a solid grey and white, silver and blue glitter. Along with your favorite base and top coat.

Share your Seahawks manicures on instagram and tag me, I'd love to see your ideas! (@hanasarker)

Go Hawks!

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