#craftingnotcoding : Tassel Garland (two ways!)

As I was folding some crepe paper to make a tassel garland yesterday, I realized that I never shared how to make a tassel garland. I keep creating new projects to share and forget to share the old ones.

If you live near a Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames, then you should fold your paper and head over there to make use of the die cutting center to cut the tassels. It is soo much quicker, you'll be done in a blink of an eye, without you hand hurting by the end of it!

Supplies needed are pretty basic :

- tissue paper
- ribbon
- tape
- scissors

What to do:
Whether you use your scissors or a die cut, the first few steps are the same.

A. (1) Fold the paper in half ( used 20 x 20 inch sheets of tissue paper so it didn't matter which way I did it).
     (2) Fold the paper along the longer edge in half, then quarters and finally in eights.
     (3) Lastly, fold the "connected/folded" edge of the paper a quarter way in.

B. If using a scissors, cut the paper into strips (faster if you keep it folded). Cut the strips to the quarter mark that you folded in step A.

C. If you headed over to Ben Franklin to get it done. Then using the die "XCL6", align the paper on the die, letting the quarter mark hang off the edge so it doesn't cut when you run it through the die cutting machine.

D. Keep on cutting until its all done!

E. Then open up the folds (1) and keep rolling all the way (2). Once its all rolled, twist it (3) and then lastly, fold over twist a bit more and add some tape to hold it together (4).

F. Keep rolling and twisting, until you are all done and can string them together!

 Happy Crafting!

Don't forget, caring is sharing!

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