Travel Tuesday Vol 4 : Las Vegas Strip (and a bit extra)

Las Vegas really isn't my scene. Honestly, it's off the bucket list and I don't think that I will be going back there, maybe I'll drive past on the way to Zion, cause ZION is INCREDIBLE! Maybe I'll land there to make my way back to the Grand Canyon, but I probably will not be going back to hang out on the strip. Not my thing. That being said, here's my 48 hours in Las Vegas in a few pictures. (Disclaimer: All pictures taken on my (not i) phone and I actually forgot to get pictures at half the hotels that we walked around.)

Any trip that starts with a Mt Rainier sighting is bound to be a wonderful trip.

I'm always up for taking pictures, so before getting into the city we stopped at the Las Vegas welcome sign.

After getting out tickets for the evening shows we had planned and having a tasty lunch (details coming soon!), we headed over to the strip. We started of at the Bellagio, where they had a special display in their Conservatory and Botanical Garden for Chinese New Years. I thought that the statues covered in flowers were eye catching and very creative.

After watching the water fountain music show outside, we started walking the strip, stopping at Caesar's Place and the Venetian before heading to the hotel for a power nap.

After dinner we headed over to the Rio for the Penn and Teller show. Hilarious and a very fun way to spend the evening! But it seems to be a one time thing. My husband was at the show a while before we got married and most of the show was the same 5-ish years later!

The night ended at the top of the Stratosphere (we stayed at the hotel, allowing us to go up the tower as many time as we wanted to!) It was a beautiful clear night, just a tad bit chilly, so we enjoyed the sights from behind the windows :)

Day 2 started at the top of the stratosphere too, if I thought that the night was bad, boy! was I wrong. Sunday morning was chillier and windier and cloudier! So didn't end up getting the best pictures! But the warm and tasty brunch made up for it :)

After having brunch, we drove away from the strip to the Las Vegas Spring Preserves and history museum. I really love history and it was fun to learn about how Vegas came to be! So much history lost in the lights and glamour of the strip!

After the museum we got to watch a parrot show. That was very enlightening and educational. My husband kept asking if I wanted to take a picture with the parrots, I'm a total chicken once it comes to animals of any kind!!

The best part of the spring preserves was the chocolate display! Some how they made the room smell like chocolate which made us really hungry as a result was walking around.

After a short walk around the gardens (it was February so not many flowers to see) and a model no waste future home, we headed back to the strip and started exploring some more hotels before our David Cooperfield magic show.

David Cooperfield was one of the first magicians that I saw as a child and it was wonderful to get to see his show live. Unfortunately as you get older and spend time playing with technology, you learn to figure out the "tricks" behind magic!

And that was my 48 hours in Las Vegas, ending with a early morning (delayed) flight out of Las Vegas along with chilly temperature and snow in the mountains!

happy travels!
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  1. Las Vegas isn't really my scene either... except those buffets.. YUM!


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