Throwback Thursday 7.0 : Mother's Day Cookies

One of the very few fun things of being in school for me is having long weekends, every week! And I am looking forward to a week of next week for Memorial Day. Last year I didn't have classes on Mondays, so Memorial day didn't really make a difference!

The down side of being a student means that there is a very thin line between weekdays and weekends, so weekends unfortunately are not for binge watching Netflix and enjoying the weather. But just four more weeks!

But I got some down time today with a trip to Ben Franklin and being treated to lunch! (My friend LL makes great lox bagels!). Then it was back to the usual chores and errands, before sitting down to read a paper and make some slides for an upcoming presentation. But I really didn't want to go to bed without sharing a #tbt, which is more like a #fbf as its pretty much Friday in most of the world!

These cookies and cake pops are the first of their kind! These pictures are from way back, like before I got married! First set of royal icing cookies and cake pops that I made!

Looking back at the pictures makes me laugh at all the things that I didn't know about baking! Like whipping the royal icing and also using candy melts for cake pops.

But I still love sharing these pictures, because it shows you everyone out there, that you have to start somewhere, and the mistakes you make help with gaining experience and becoming a pro (I'm still working on being a pro!)

I made this for Mother's day and I thought its still appropriate to share them as we are celebrating this weekend! And again in June once my mom gets here :)

I hope these and my other #tbt posts inspire you to get into the kitchen and just try!

Don't forget, caring is sharing!

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